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Cheap NFL Jerseys Manchester United

 投稿者:dfgdfg  投稿日:2012年 7月27日(金)20時26分24秒
  Cheap NFL Jerseys July 12, Manchester,
Cheap NFL Jerseys Manchester United, the club held a conference. Ferguson to bring the team aid the Japanese national team key players Kagawa debut with the age of 18 youth soccer team in England the main members of Powel. The picture shows the Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson. The CFP visual China

BEIJING, July 13, according to foreign reports, Manchester United are close to sign the current hot Brazilian boy genius Lucas. Ferguson made two significant transactions completed in the summer, is expected to hat-trick in the transfer market. buy NFL jerseys Prior to this, Ferguson has brought Nick Powell and Kagawa Old Trafford. Allegedly, the team's chief scout Jim Lawler has appeared in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to prepare the introduction of the high price of £ 25 million that the ability of super playmaker. Lawler flew to Brazil last Wednesday and the club secretary John Alexander. It is said that Manchester United hope next Zhouying Guo and Brazil's Olympic warm-up before the game fixed up transfer matters.

Sao Paulo club claimed just rejected a £ 32.4 million offer from Chelsea, but Manchester United as long as the price increases to more than 20 million pounds, the transfer may occur. It is reported that Manchester United midfielder Anderson will be involved to the transaction. Powell and Shinji Kagawa is not this year, Manchester United signings all, Ferguson in the summer of rebuilding the team to continue its efforts to acquire new blood. But Sir Alex Ferguson is facing financial pressure, the support given by the boss Glazer Cheap NFL Jerseys
have fewer and fewer. Ferguson commented: cheap jerseys "Whenever a World Cup year or European Cup, the climax of the transfer market will be pushed for some time now really is the transaction has already begun." Last season Manchester United lost the championship at the last minute, when a reporter asked that period of time is how to spend the time, Ferguson joked: "the red wine is to forget their troubles medicine."

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 投稿者:dfgdfg  投稿日:2012年 7月27日(金)20時24分42秒




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