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seen that

 投稿者:lalaメール  投稿日:2011年10月10日(月)18時33分49秒
  Ming Yue's memories of listening to Watson, plum seven frown deep sigh, said: "Four Little ah, I can say you are self-inflicted it?"
"Sir!" Watsoncheap jerseys from china Ming Yue roar loudly.
Plum seven over his ears, nodded, "Ok, you are right you are right."
This Shun Yue Ming Yuchi under the gas, angrily said: "So, what I like, some fraud! Well!"
Plum seven hand to his beard, far-reaching implications smile.


After a noon, the snow gradually become sporadic Fen Yang trend. During the night, the snow situation more and destroying all sorts of sounds, but I had a cold quiet.
Yue Ming Yuchi Pittsburgh Steelers JerseysSnappers Ruanta sitting on the lap blanket covered with arctic fox, holding a warm sweet, still thinking about all the daytime. Hey, how would suddenly become stupid? Is changed to say stupid, but that skill did not discount it a bit too strange ... ... her much thought, how could not think of it herself.
Just then, another maid pushed open the door, intrinsic: "The four Miss, something went wrong."
Yue Ming Yuchi indifferent to be a cry, "Watson Hill have anything to do with my accident."
"There is ah, ah." Maid, "I'm just passing Di Zongguan residence and saw several leaders recruited a large number of people, as if to catch him questioning it!"
"Catching his interrogation? Trial what?" Watson Ming Yue puzzled.
"Nature is the 'town of pot' has fallen."
Watson heard the voice of Ming Yue, slightly surprised, "Sir?"
The person speaking, it is the teacher, plum seven. He came in smiling, said: "This morning you can hear what is not, 'town pot' is Di Zongguan plotted probably stolen, and now know the 'town of pot' whereabouts he is the only one. We all suspected him play the fool, Another attempt. Yuchi village where the lead singer of the day cop at night on the court by four black-lead singer of a chant. "
Watson Ming Yue heard, a little thought, "You mean, the trial is to catch one night my father's orders?"
1、 Plum seven nodded and said: "Besides him, there are few who has the capability to mobilize, authentic nfl jerseys
recruited shot it?"
Yue Ming Yuchi sudden and devastating the face disdain, said: "Watson is indeed the Villa style, really mediocre."
Plum seven smiled, and said: "Four Little ah, you do not see?"
"He stole 'the town pot', to mention that he also should be questioned, I do nothing." Yue Ming Yuchi sipping sweet hands, not ignored.
Plum seven patted the hands of the folding fan, smiled and said: "Four Little ah, saw things this morning, you do not know?"
"What?" Watson Ming Yue puzzled.
"Putting aside the silly fake silly this morning was the siege, besides you, he never left hand to anyone, apparently reluctant hierarchy already know and now he was interrogated four recruited to catch, some recalcitrant is inevitable, I'm afraid he can not break the death, will not give up ... ah ... "
Yue Ming Yuchi contemplate them, bow their heads in silence.
"Four, it would only hand, you do not it?" Plum seven says to him.
Yue Ming Yuchi listening, stood up, "Come! With me to see!"
... ...
Watson Villa has four Church: Sheng-yun, step smoke, Ling-feng, line Tao. Four discrete around the Watson Hill, guard Hill.
Yue Ming Yuchi arrived with a public servant when I saw the torch light, as bright as day. Recruited in addition to the four-step smoking Tangtang Zhu seriously ill, by people on behalf of the staff, the other three were all personal battle, dozens of cronies of the leading masters, such parade, show only one arrestnfl jerseys wholesale  Di.
Yue Ming Yuchi be seen that the human-like, actually give birth to inexplicable compassion.


 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2011年10月10日(月)18時32分45秒